Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Week 20 was a bust. I was sick and out of the water for ten days. That is the longest stretch without swimming since having babies (my youngest is 14). So I was pretty low.
But today is a new day, and a new week, and a "recovery week" so I am in the water, not pushing myself and trying to get back to my program.
It felt wonderful to dive into the pool this morning. The water actually felt soft. It was unusually warm too which was a lovely way to start over. I did feel like I had forgotten how to swim, but it came back to me. I received so much support and reminders to "take it easy" and to "listen to my body" from every one that I have been introduced to in the Channel Chat room. It has done wonders for my feeling of well being. Normally I would have been fretting and worrying that I had blown my training and that I had to swim even if I was coughing up a lung. But so many swimmers told me that they had had to stay out for several weeks and that they were stronger for the rest etc...
I am choosing to believe them, and to remember that I still have 19 weeks to work.
I am getting a bit impatient. Now I want to be doing some long swims and to feel like I am getting stronger. But I need to stick to my plan and increase steadily.
This weekend is an odd one. I am going to Lake Tahoe for a Polar Bear Swim with many South End friends. The water should be around 39 degrees (very cold) and the distance is only about 250 yards which is ridiculously short and yet quite daunting at that temperature. I swam this "race" last year and felt like my swimming was not swimming but "not drowning" instead. I couldn't understand why the safety people weren't pulling me out. I didn't feel like I took one legitimate stroke, but it must have looked different from above the water. My body refused to work in the normal way. It will be fun to see if this year is better.
I had hoped to ski "The Great Race" on the next day (Cross Country 30 K), but my knee has put any hopes of that to rest.
Today I see the surgeon and will find out his recommendation.
Wish me luck...

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