Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WEEK 18 cont...

I bought my plane ticket to Spain!!! This is exciting and expensive ($1400).
And I have been going to the gym (and PT for the knee) to get my shoulders and my core stronger. These feel like very positive steps. I have also arranged a "swim lesson" with a fabulous open water swimmer in Napa that everyone at the South End Rowing Club recommends for this Saturday. I have still been "doggin" my workouts in the pool though. I am still coughing a lot at night so my sleep is interrupted. I am tired; but I just can't see how I would get better any faster by not swimming. And I would go crazy with worry that I wouldn't make my plan goals if I stayed out of the water any longer. Every one I talk to says that this cold/cough is lingering for about 6 weeks so I hope to be better soon.
This weekend the club swim is short, Anita Rock, so I have volunteered to kayak/pilot and will swim on my own in and out of the cove after. I've been three weekends away from the bay so I may find that I do not have 2+ hours in me, but the bay is warming up so I hope to be fine. I am slated to swim two hours both days in the bay and I need to because there is a Point Bonita swim on March 27th and I have to be ready for that one. I have never swum from Pt. Bonita back to the club (under the Golden Gate Bridge) because every time it has been scheduled, we have had bad weather and fog so it gets cancelled or shortened.
I have new pictures from Tahoe and from other people swimming Gibraltar but I keep forgetting to post them Maybe this reminder will help :-)
I have been busy with my moonlighting gig. One of the ways I am paying for this crazy swim it to be the Registrar for the local club soccer team. It is about four weeks of chaos, sprinkled with a few extra days of headache, but it nets me about $3,000 and I need the funds. I have plans :-)
Stick with me, I'm going places!

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  1. Congratulations on committing by getting a ticket. Good luck with PT!



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