Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
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Monday, March 15, 2010

WEEK 17 and counting...

I finally made it back to the Bay this weekend. Truth be told, I was nervous. And it was cold. I have definitely lost some of my acclimatization, but I will get it back. I wasn't so cold in the water while I was swimming, but I was cold for a long time afterwards. Saturday I swam the "test" swim from Anita Rock back to the club. It was a glorious day, blue skies, puffy white clouds, blue water and only four swimmers. I swam with Chaz who is a good match for me and we swam some zigzags to let the other two catch up from time to time. I touched the AR (Anita Rock) buoy, the "X" buoy and the "too far out buoy" and Allen took pictures all the way along. I felt lucky and playful and happy to be frolicking in the Bay. Then Sunday, I piloted for the other 57 swimmers to have their fun. So I had to kayak from the club to Anita Rock (about 2.5 miles) against a light flood. It was more work than I had bargained for, but good for my upper back muscles (lats? maybe?). Then after every one was in and eating breakfast I went out and swam to Fort Mason and back against the flood. It was only an hour and the water temperature was 54.6 degrees, but I have been away from the Bay for three weeks so I can't expect to jump back in for two hours right away. Unfortunately the most challenging swim of the winter season is in two weeks, Point Bonita. I hope I am ready for three hours in the cold...
After this morning's workout in the pool, where I added an extra 200 yards, my arms are dead. If I had to garden or paint I wouldn't be able to. I can lift them, but I can't do anything sustained. I hope that this is a symptom of getting stronger.
I am happy to be back in the Bay, I look forward to Allen's pictures. I'll post them when I get them.

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  1. Sounds like fun weekend! Look forward to pictures from Anita Rock swim.

    Happy training!



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