Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
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Monday, March 22, 2010

WEEK 16 The Miracle of Video

This morning after workout, I was video taped while swimming. It was fascinating and terrifying. I know that I am not a fast swimmer, but now I know several reasons for my lack of speed. It's a wonder I get anywhere at all. The good news I guess is that there is a lot of room for improvement. The funny, no embarrassing part is that I turn my hand so that it moves easily through the water instead of making it create a paddle or an anchor from which to propel myself forward. He showed us video of Michael Phelps (yes the eight Olympic medal guy - that's how cool this stroke doctor is) who describes it as putting your hand in sand, and moving your body forward over it. It turns out that you don't swim with your arms, you swim with your core. And your head, and your knees just seem to get in the way. It seems to be a war between power and drag. It was fascinating seeing how everyone kicked too big, and swam with their head up a bit even though you know they all know not to and that it doesn't feel like they are doing that. The drill he most recommended for all of us was to swim without our arms, just fins, and rotate from side to side, to even swim rotate 360 degrees as you move down the pool. Also to swim with resistance and to put therabands on your ankles to strengthen your kick, and lastly, get this, to swim with a pull buoy between your ankles? This one I can't even visualize, but I can't wait to try it. Don't move your head, keep one eye below the water when you breathe and have a small fast kick. I, of course have the added difficulty of having my tummy be extra drag. My streamline was quite good on the top, but I need to use my core muscles to hold in my stomach as well as to do my swimming. The Stroke doctor was charming and encouraging and was very skilled at spotting one or two crucial things to address. For me it was my hand position and lack of core rotation. I turn my hand so that it is easier to move it through the water. Quite shocking when you think about it. The whole idea is to push water with your hand and I am spilling the water out. I may get better after all if I can address this bit. This is one of the reasons I never get bored swimming. There is always so much to think about and to work on. But it takes a video once in a while to see what you are doing because you can convince yourself that you are feeling the water when it's obvious that you are not. He also reminded me that if I swam with my core more than my arms I wouldn't get as tired...
I really need to engage my core in my program. Maybe take it to lunch and get to know it better. Maybe sit-ups?
More tomorrow after I try swimming with out my arms.

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  1. Nice analysis. Yes, swimming with core is something i experience once in a while in the pool, and it feels great.

    Good to run into you on saturday. You looked tired, hopefully after a swim :-)



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