Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This week is off to a good start, and last week I swam a lot, just not how I had expected. I have figured out a way to get almost an hour and a half in the pool in the morning. Which just goes to show you what a little fear and determination can do. I get up a bit earlier, and don't get breakfast after swimming and it buys me an extra 30 minutes in the water. A good deal if you ask me. I am getting nervous, not for Gibraltar, but for a swim next week that I have set up with Bob Roper. I plan to swim from the San Rafael Bridge, through the Raccoon Straits, past Sausalito and out to Point Bonita. It should take me over four hours... I am not even so nervous about that as much as I am worried that I need to get in many longer swims to feel prepared. There doesn't seem to be enough time left to get it all done. I have 5 swims longer than four hours scheduled before Gibraltar (including one 5 hour and one planned 8 hour)...that should be enough (I hope). I am wishing now that I had scheduled my swim later in the summer so that I would have more time to endurance train other than just the weekends. But no worries... I can do this.
With my additional time in the pool, I am now swimming almost the length of Gibraltar during the school week, and everything on the weekends is gravy. This is a good feeling. I am getting stronger.
I didn't get to swim in the Bay this weekend so I don't have any pictures or good stories to tell. I was at the weeding of my brother Brian and his new wife Jennifer. It was in St. Helena at my step-mother Joan's beautiful straw bale house. There was a good size gathering of family and interesting friends. My dad and his wife Hilary came from New York, and I had a great time. It was a good dose of family and good food and wine. Jorge and Coco made the wedding, but just barely. Coco was in the preliminaries of State Cup soccer. They had three games, two in the pouring rain, and they won all three with shut outs and outrageous scores of 8-0. Not to get too excited,the teams get exponentially better after the first round. But they are playing well and can be proud of their efforts so far.
Katharine has yet to decide on a college, and I for one, would just like the decision made. Enough already with this dithering about LSU. How could she want to go to school in the South? A northern California raised beauty would be a real fish out of water in Louisiana, or so it would seem to me. But even if she does decide to go there, just PICK one and be done with it!

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