Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Monday, April 19, 2010


I am excited! This week I have a BIG swim on Wednesday. I have arranged with Bob Roper to do a 4+ hour swim. He suggested I swim from the San Rafael Bridge around Marin out under the Golden Gate Bridge and up the coast to Point Bonita. I think it will be between 12-14 miles. the weather forecast is for rain and wind. Bob may call off the swim, but I hope not. I need to swim in rough water. My times in the Bay lately have been very calm with almost no wind. Gibraltar will have WIND! Tarifa, where the swim starts from is the windsurfing capital of the world! So I hope to get rough water, wind and waves and over four hours of work before Wednesday is through. It is an opportunity to practice feeding (for real) and to build my mental endurance against adversity :-) This sounds crazy when I write it down, but I am happily excited to try.
In preparation for Wednesday I went to SportsBasement and bought a new suit, goggles, and tons of GU's and drink mixes. Somehow it feels important to have supplies. Or maybe I assuage my nerves through retail therapy. But either way, I am ready to go.
Here is a link to a map of the proposed swim.
I hope it works:,-122.497559&spn=0.23092,0.690079&t=h&z=11

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