Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday April 9th, how did I get here?

I can't believe it's Friday already. I am on Spring Break. My plan was to swim in the Bay everyday this week...but as luck would have it, my daughter (who can't drive) had soccer practice every morning, so I needed to be here to ferry her. So instead of long swims in the cold water, I had to be content with long pool swims at the crack of dawn. Boy was I dreaming about sleeping in AND swimming. Something that never goes hand in hand and didn't this week either. So I got up at 5:30, drove to the pool, swam from 6:00 - 8:00 and then came home to drive Coco around. I did go swim in the Bay two afternoons. It was nice to swim in the sunshine. We almost never swim past ten in the morning so it felt very vacation like to be paddling around in the afternoon. But the logistics are horrible in the pm. One of the best things about starting a swim at 6:00 am, okay the only good thing, is that there is no traffic to get to SF and there is plenty of parking once you arrive. In the afternoon neither is true. But I liked it anyway. I also took advantage of having to be around to drive Coco, and went to a few classes at my gym. I did a Pilate's class and a "zumba" or cardio dance class. I think of it not as dancing so much as an hour of feeling horribly uncoordinated and klutzy with your heart rate up. But it was fun to do something new. By the end of the class, once the music slowed down a tick, I could even do a few of the steps.
So double workouts four days this week is not so bad. And I can see a payoff in the pool. I may not be faster, or I may be a tick faster, but I am stronger and smoother and beginning, dare I say it, to feel my core on occasion. I am very excited. My hero Karen (Olympic gold medalist, yes in swimming) gave me a fabulous suggestion to "swim through the "Y"". I have been having trouble with my hand position and my catch and her idea to swim through the "Y" that your thumb makes with your pointer finger seems to put my hand in just the right position. I have almost doubled my yardage this week and I am not in pain. Very good news indeed!

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  1. Thats a good mix for crosstraining. i enjoy occassional zumba too, good stretching :-)



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