Success! 7/13/2010

Success!  7/13/2010
Europe to Africa.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

WEEK 8 continues...

It's Thursday. This morning's pool workout was fantastic! When I got up this morning I figured that I could only swim drills and would have to swim by myself, nursing my shoulder along. But Coach Kat's workout was different from usual. It was drill focused, and technique inspiring. We worked hard on rotation and core swimming, snapping our hips. She had us doing the rotation movement vertical, which made it much easier to feel and then translate it to horizontal. It was inspired. Just as in my emergency physical therapy appointment, John helped me feel the proper movement for my shoulders through the pull. I am so inspired when I luck into a good teacher/coach. I don't know how many yards we swam this morning, but I was exhausted. And yet my shoulder felt fine! It's complaining now, but that's to be expected. I found myself feeling where my shoulders were through the stroke. I think I have spent my life with my shoulders tense and's time to relax them, lower them, and hold them back. I think my scapula needs to move more through every stroke. I think I tensed it up and hold it locked for the remainder of my swim. I should watch dolphins swim rather than people. They swim with their whole bodies, I swim with my arms. 49 and still learning, good on me!

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